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The View through Car Windows

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Windows frame wondrous sites if we only pay attention.

We have been a traveling family since our inception back in 1984. Jeff's family is from Wisconsin, mine is in Missouri. We have lived in Minnesota and Nashville. So family time means long road trips. Also work, for many years, meant a daily thirty minute commute. Add to that long, relaxing drives, vacations in national parks and you start to understand our long history of watching life through car windows.

The ever-changing landscape on the other side of the glass has been a showcase of God's awesome creation, things that make us question humanity, and pure joy.


A dark road made shiny by rain, hugging a tree-lined creek led me home.

My daily work commute included two tree-lined narrow roads that meandered along a creek. The seasons and ever-changing light and temperatures transformed them into hauntingly beautiful landscapes.


Over the Ohio river is a bridge that my nightmares are made of. I pray all the way from one side to the other.

We've crossed a lot of bridges on our travels. From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco to a sunset bridge in Waco, they each connect us to this land in unique and beautiful ways. But a narrow bridge of the Ohio makes me break out in hives and prayer.


Sometimes, there are just no explanations.

I stopped at a fast food place to get a drink and saw this. Not sure if she just turned too soon, had an animal jump out in front of her, or was trying to beat me to the drive thru.


The gloaming comes, bathing the world in waves of color.

I love witnessing the magic of the last rays of sunshine washing the world in every color of the rainbow. Over lakes, mountains, through trees, each sunset is swoon worthy.


God's magnificence astounds me and points me, again, to a deeper faith.

Day or night, churches draw me to God.

Rearview mirrors

A backward glance through a rearview mirror brings things into focus while we are still moving forward.

Looking forward when we drive is necessary. But part of understanding our journey involves looking behind us to find the beauty that was always there.

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